Here is the new OnePlus 7T Pro: Minor Upgrade?

About OnePlus 7T Pro
About OnePlus 7T Pro

About OnePlus 7T Pro

We have some new CAD renders of the OnePlus 7T pro and they show that they aren’t very much different currently have it looks like your iPhone weren’t safe from the unknown sources and could have been affected by going on the wrong website and new report claims that Samsung is finally ready to deliver Samsung galaxy fold very soon.

Let’s talk about the Sony know I still love you the Xperia one but already got an experience things even if their experiments is 2 months old there is a high possibility that we will see in the next week. The device seems to have a 21/9 aspect ratio again triple cameras at the back and it will look like the note. We do know that Sony is testing 5G phones but we didn’t know that this phone will be 5G.

Let’s talk about Samsung and for those of you wondering for Samsung Galaxy Fold, it seems finally we get some stuff. We claim that the device will initially be available in Korea and will roll out the rest of the world later this month. We also hear that Samsung is working on a new Fold and its focusing on lowering the price tag which could happen by lowering the storage options and it depends on the form factor. Through lovering the storage options is kind of funny because we remember they had the same storage as the Galaxy Note 10 plus.

Finally, the hottest issues today we have to do finally with the OnePlus 7T pro. We mean we’ve covered what the OnePlus 7T will look like but we didn’t really know what to expect for the Pro variant. If there was going to be any as it stands we have cat renders for the OnePlus 7T pro which will be very much different to the 7T. Forst of all it doesn’t bring the circular camera array of the 7T is rumored to bring the same as what we currently have with the 7 Pro the pop-up camera is back and we see the orange assents of the Mclaren edition. We also see a new haze blue color, in addition, it will bring the same specs of 7T but with a 4000 mAh battery apparently fast wrap charging.


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