Does Android 10 The Future Android OS?

Android 10 Future Of Android
Android 10 Future Of Android

Android 10 The Future??

Google is finally moving on from their classic pastry names and rebranding. Android Q2 something else entirely Apple is considering adding BOE Oullette supplier list and this might actually hurt Samsung and some patent shows that Samsung is working on a clamshell foldable and it’s gonna be completely different to the galaxy fold.

Let’s talk about Google as well it seems that the company is finally working on revamping their Google home mini which I feel has been in a need a substantial need for a change in a while apparently it would be called the nest mini and would be the same size.

And probably or tiny a bit larger it will have a better audio quality a wall mount option for simony awareness new color variants and a 3.5mm headphone jack which is weird.


The proximity sensor would work in different cases an example of being it showing you current volume when you walk past it the reason it is weird is That killing the headphone jack off everything else.

But the mini like what you are gonna do auxiliary connectivity for what but we do see it in amazon devices and hope they get the wall mount right because of the third party Amazon options. Those sound terrible it seems of these speakers they require the table to get provide some of the acoustics now.

Finally, the hottest and completely unexpected sort of knew that there was going to be an announcement of the pastry names for the next generation Android but it turns out that its not a pastry name. The company is finally moving on from this whole mentality in naming Android Q simply android.

Design And Look

The company also made some adjustments to the reboot logo and the font which is now simply black and with a cleaner option of fonts rebrand is build for androids new decades and busy addition to the facts that it’s changing form factors foldable TVs and others

The company also decides to move on form face trees because well it’s not Universal according to them and they’re obviously running out of letters to be able to name these so end questions.



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