Android Q On Some Of The Huawei Devices Confirm


Android Q On Some Of The Huawei Devices Confirm

While we just publish the website to address all the negative rumors and talk AndroidQ on its existing devices. According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note 10 will bring some very interesting features and the 5G Variant of the Galaxy Fold got some more certification, So this is the reason for Delay.

Now we talk about the galaxy Fold We’re waiting for Galaxy fold to get announced relaunched or whatever we gonna think but it seems that Samsung has just sent out the 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold for certification.

And since we know that the galaxy fold has the LTE Variant has to go through again certification once the design process is fixed, We’re watching already is the plan for this 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold and to be the final phone and they’re just ditching the LTE variant because they pretty much didn’t mass produce we guess or it may be.

But given the fact that Huawei mate X is going to launch with full 5G but this might actually be the next Fold or the Full that we’re actually going to get the final variant to getting the 5G tablet that can be the case what it happens in the end

Now since we’re talking Samsung lets move to the spotlight over to the Galaxy Note 10 and closer to the launch which could actually match the next Fold phone.

Android Q On Huawei Phones?

Now lets we talk about the Huawei yet again this because the company has published a full website trying to bunk all the rumors of everything for the customer about what if they have the current Android Huawei.

But what happens if you buy a current Huawei phone that’s currently running Android the website sets that everyone with a Huawei phone or who is about to buy one get still access to the google play store.

They also say that their popular device like the P30 Pro will run Android Q which is already in Beta on the May 20 Pro they also reassured that all of these phones will keep, security patches and the website includes total of 17 Huawei phones internal sources claims that even the honor 20 launching tomorrow will also be on the list of devices getting Android Q as one of the keys Honor Models obviously the long term future of Huawei devices is still uncertain.


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