OnePlus 7 The One That Goes Away

Oneplus 7 Review
Oneplus 7 Review

OnePlus Market Goes Down

In this article, we talk about a phone not available in too many markets. Which is a bit of shame because it is a solid device but in many markets, the company decides to put out the Pro variant.

Let’s talk about OnePlus 7 this is a mini-review of the phone but I want to have a discussion for the most part with everyone out there do you wish that the OnePlus 7 was actually more available in places.

Where the OnePlus 7 pro is the only one that which is a little bit of Shame because I think a lot of people agree that OnePlus 7 Pro is just a little bit too big of the device there’s.

Some reasons why that phone is too big including that very large screen it does come with a high-resolution refresh rate screen and its a screen don’t get me wrong why you’re not getting that here on OnePlus 7.

But also means that handling and ergonomics are a bit more comfortable. When using this phone the screen slouch either there is a bit of remnant of our previous generation.

About Display OnePlus 7

Here that a little teardrop notch at the top but the teardrop notch is perfectly fine that front-facing camera is not a bad performer and it can also be used for facial recognition and works really quickly nonetheless that notch does cut into what is a 1080p panel.

It is an AMOLED panel and it still does a great job of showing off colors and also does a great job of showing off oxygen OS which is still a highlight of OnePlus experience and of course and there’s just the design of everything.

If you open up a folder it renders on the bottom half of the screen that easier for you to actually reach all of your icons in that folder you also have a dark mode that allows you to customize the accent that and then the OnePlus slate font is still just really easy on the eyes.

And it actually permeates across the experience of using this phone even when you’re using it with android auto. If you’re looking at just the outside of this device it’s a very familiar phone you have a couple of back.


However, it’s pretty much a single camera lens setup because of the secondary camera is for depth information it’s not a zoom those two cameras right on the top of backing that one you can see what the OnePlus 7 Pro and its great that they brought those colors over affordable version.

There’s no headphone jack is one of those oops that is becoming more and more common in smartphones and speaking up sounds you can also mute this easily because of that alert slider returns from all of the previous versions of OnePlus 7 devices.

Processor And Battery

The rest of the specifications read exactly the way that should these days you do get fingerprint reader that is underneath the display and it performs just as when they first introduced into North America shore last year you get the snapdragon 855, you get 8GB of RAM and 256GB onboard storage it’s not expandable but that’s perfectly fine because these specs are probably perfect.

The Battery Might only be 3700 MAH. You can still back some power quickly using OnePlus as a fast-charging. This phone is basically an updated version of Oneplus 60 that actually not a bad thing plenty of things company make new phone similar to the previous ones


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