OnePlus 7T Going Come Up With A New Camera

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T With New Camera Design

Some of the Oneplus 7T leaks are now live and they have a very interesting change in the back we have a new leak for the Huawei mate 30 pros that show off a quad-camera ray. If you’re waiting of the galaxy fold well it seems that its closer but it on where you are.

Lets now talk about china we’ve got some more leaked images on what to expect from Huawei mate 30 pro which is just around the corner the leaks come from Weibo and they showed the quad-camera circular array at the back.

The flash would be on the side it would have two main sensors the ultra-wide camera and the fourth sensor would be a 5x park scopic zoom lens and the charging the battery has also been confirmed to be 40 watts and 27 want wireless charging and the phone seems to be plan to be revealed sometime around September 6 We’ve heard some other rumors to claim more mid-September.

So don’t put that you know September 6 is pretty much Aoife that gonna be the case I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, the hottest news today has to do with the OnePlus 7T notice that we don’t say OnePlus 7 pro because we hope that OnePlus has the better name for the particular model.

I think about it is if we see the leaked renders have just emerged you kind of understand what we ‘re talking about Oneplus 7T the CAD renders show that the phone has a water dropped match at the pretty much the same design of the front that we saw from the Oneplus 7 with the exception of the camera.

Its circular triple camera ray following the design of the Huawei mate 30 that we’ve seen. We don’t know exactly what these cameras are going to do and particularly in the case of regular 7 which doesn’t necessarily screen that we’re gonna many focal links.



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