Here Is The Specs Of Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL


Specification Of Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL

The specs for the Google Pixel for and for Excel have just leaked and they actually make the phone looks really interesting it also looks like Apple is working on foldable iPod that actually not the foldable iPhone that we expected and new case renders of the Huawei make 30 pros bring a different and weird camera ray high memory that and wouldn’t it be great if Samsung would delete all those you know videos. Where they marked other companies for killing the headphone jack.

The Apple company has just launched another public beta for IOS 13 and iPad OS and you know everyone it’s brings no major improvements over the last beta other than bug fixes and a new feature like a photo editing interface a volume HUD and a dark mode for apple music really by this time we mean apple it works fine on or iPod.

Display & Camera

The Hottest thing that we have to do with Google Pixel for Pixel XL because it means we covering and we’ve never really been so excited about these until. Now We get to hear about the specifications according to a new report that Google pixel 4 has a 5.7-inch display.

While the pixel for XL will have a 6.3-inch display they will have Full HD plus resolution but at 90 hertz and they are ohlets the cameras will be of 12 megapixels in the main sensor and 16 megapixels in the telephoto lens.

Processor And Battery

The other specifications include a Qualcomm snapdragon a 55 six sigma bytes of RAM, 64 or 125 gigabytes of storage gesture of control like the one we got teased in that soli clip a 2800 milliampere-hour battery on the small one and a 3700 one on the XL.

So they’re kind of mixed some of the specs are great some of the specs are not we hope something better than we’ve seen in the rumors.

Now we’re expecting other phones to come out is the Google Pixel 4 device that’s on your radar cause in my case we mean the kind of depend on the filter at the Google Pixel 5 but it’s not like we find them to be the greatest.


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